Pretty Mail Calligraphy

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Single Outer Envelope

$2.25 / ea - Scripty Lettering Styles (regular pen)

$3.75 / ea - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles and Brush Lettering Styles

Double Envelopes

$3.00 / set - Scripty Lettering Styles (regular pen)

$4.75 / set - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles

Escorts - with name and table assignment

$1.25 / ea - Scripty Lettering Styles (regular pen)

$2.00 / ea - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles

$2.00 / per line - Charts: Mirror, Glass or Chalkboard + $75.00 for layout design

Place Card or Menu - with name only 

$1.00 / ea - Scripty Lettering Styles (add $0.25 ea for meal designation)

$1.50 / ea - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles (add $0.25 ea for meal designation)

Table Numbers

$7.00 / ea - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles or $4.00 / ea - Digitally designed and printed

Return Address

$1.25 / ea - Scripty Lettering Styles

$2.00 / ea - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles

Response Envelope

$2.00 / ea - Scripty Lettering Styles

$2.75 / ea - Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles 

Stationery Sets

$19.00 / set of 10

*For every 3, get 1 free! Total: $57.00 for 4 sets

Paper Source papers and ink colors of your choice. Available with the inscription(s) of your choice, either all the same or different, in Pointed Pen Calligraphy Styles. Complete with blank envelopes, and wrapped to give!


Welcome Sign on Mirror or Chalkboard - $100.00+

Menu on Mirror or Chalkboard - $150.00+

Program on Mirror or Chalkboard - $150.00+

Love Journey Illustrated Chalkboards 3'x4' - $425.00



  • Ink colors: For envelope addressing orders, black is standard. Colored and metallic inks require an extra flat fee and are as follows: $10 - Scripty Styles // $20 - Pointed Pen Styles. For signage, colored and metallic inks: $10.

  • Extra envelopes: Kindly include about 10-15% extra stock/envelopes, if possible.

  • The turnaround: Flexible, but generally within 5-10 business days. Rush turnarounds are usually a possibility. 1-business day turnaround for a 50% additional cost, and 2-business day turnaround for a 25% additional cost.

  • Mailing, dropping off and picking up: There are several good options for getting the items you would like customized into my hands and back into yours. You may mail or ship your order to me at my address in Front Royal, VA, or if possible, I can meet you if you are local to the DC metro area. If I ship back your calligraphy order, I use UPS and the cost runs about $10 to $13 for most regular sized boxes. Another option is for you to pick up your order up from my Front Royal, VA address. If you will need a delivery service to your location, I will provide a reasonable quote for the cost. I strive to make this a very enjoyable, easy process for you.
  • Your List: I am always happy to assist with etiquette and/or protocol questions. Don't hesitate to contact me while compiling your list. I prefer the list compiled in a Word format listed vertically in columns because they are so much easier to read that way when addressing envelopes, however I will accept Excel spreadsheets.
  • Your payment: Payment is expected at the time of service. The invoice is sent through Paypal, which will give you the option of using a credit card, mailing me a check, or paying by cash.